Ann Chartrand RN, PMHNP-BC

Years in Practice: 31+ Years
School: Washington University School of Medicine
Year Graduated: 1986

Jessica Whelan FPMHNP-BC

Gateway Psychiatric Group, LLC

Gateway Psychiatric Group, LLC

Years in Practice: < 2 Years
School: University of Southern Indiana
Year Graduated: 2017

I believe that all patients should be respected and actively participate in treatment plans, and properly educating my patients leads to better outcomes. Optimal mental health involves all aspects of an individual and not simply medication management. Every person leaving my office will know how, why and what we are doing to try to help him/her feel better and be healthier. I enjoy working with adolescents and adults motivated to improve their mental health.
My practice is informal and relaxed, designed to reduce "white coat" anxiety and stigma toward mental health treatment. I like to call it "Psychiatry with Personality."

Gateway Psychiatric Group, LLC

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I want all of my patients to leave their session feeling heard. Listening takes time and I take as much time as possible with my patients to find the process that will work for them and ensure they understand the steps we will be taking toward bettering their mental health. I work with adults 17 years and older. 

Gordon Robinson, MD

I believe that psychiatry deserves a multidisciplinary approach to care. I believe in integrating combined knowledge using medical, nursing, holistic, and naturopathic approaches to care. I also pride myself in working with my patients and involving them in the care process to achieve wellness. Patient education is also one of my focuses in my treatment services. I enjoy working with many types of clients from all ages. I typically do not like to medicate under 5 years of age except in special circumstances. We currently offer Suboxone treatment. I also work with the LGBTQ community, Sports Medicine, Addiction, Chronic Pain, TBI, and Neuropsychiatry patients.

Years in Practice: 5 Years
School: University of Missouri Columbia (4.0 GPA)
Year Graduated: 2013

Other Schooling: BSN from Goldfarb school of Nursing

                               BA from the University of Missouri Columbia