Gateway Psychiatric Group

11116 S TOWNE SQ, STE 205

St. Louis MO 63123

Phone: 314-567-1958​​

Fax: 314-567-0037

We pride ourselves on our small business, family atmosphere and strive to give individual attention to each caller. As a result, we may not catch every phone call. Please be patient - feel free to leave a voice or text message - and we will get back to you with the same level of care.

Gateway Psychiatric Group

Gateway Psychiatric Group

Office Hours

Please note: provider hours and appointments

may differ from office hours. Lunch hour is 12pm-1pm.

Monday: 9am-4pm

Tuesday: 9am-4pm

Wednesday: 9am-4pm

Thursday: (Office suite is closed, phones are open) 9am-4pm

Friday: (Office suite is closed, phone are open) 9am-12pm