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New Patients

Taking the first step in seeking care for your mental health is often the hardest. It can be discouraging to sit down in a long-awaited appointment and find out that the provider your seeing does not treat your condition or prescribe your specific medication. Our steps to scheduling a new patient appointment have been crafted to avoid that disappointment and get you connected with the provider who best fits the needs of your care.

Scheduling Your First Appointment

After you submit the new patient inquiry form, someone from our office will contact you to set up an appointment. Due to a consistently high volume of new patient inquiries, it may take several days until you receive a callback. The call will come from our number 314-567-1958. This is our only phone number. You can save this number in your phone for future reference.

When you receive the call to schedule, we will review your insurance network status and available providers. At this time, we will collect a deposit ($50 for those with in network insurance, Private Pay patients will pay the cost of the appointment). This deposit is mandatory to schedule the first appointment and is only forfeited if you do not show for the appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours notice. The deposit will be attributed to any cost you may owe for the appointment. If your insurance covers the full cost of the appointment and your out-of-pocket balance is $0, we will refund the deposit.

Once your appointment is scheduled, you will need to complete the intake paperwork. This includes the Authorization Form mentioned below and the medical history forms in the patient portal. We recommend completing the intake paperwork as soon as possible in case an opportunity arises to move up your appointment at the last minute. Paperwork must be completed by the Friday before your appointment or you may be asked to reschedule.




If You Have Not Scheduled with Us Yet

Not all of our providers treat the same conditions. The form below helps us learn a little about you. This way we can help connect you with a provider that can fit your needs.

If You Have Scheduled & Are Waiting for Your First Appointment

Please complete the authorization forms below as well as the medical history paperwork in the Patient Portal before your first appointment.

If You Are an Established Patient

For changes in insurance, authorizing GPG to speak with a designated person, or releasing records, please use the links below.

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